Millard Tyre Centre
Millard Tyre Centre

ALL types of rubber... at Millard Tyre Centre, Hervey Bay

Millard Tyre Centre supplies tyres from passenger to earthmoving tyres.

Millards stocks and fits tyres that

  • have perfect balance of high performance and high value
  • provide all season, comfortable ride, long tread life and excellent performance
  • offer stable on-centre feel and outstanding wet traction during cornering
  • have improved shoulder sipes to combat uneven wearing

Checking your tyres is one of the most important safety factors of driving. Moderate driving needs a monthly tyre check, while more frequent usage should be checked weekly or fortnightly to determine if your tyres have become worn and need replacement.

Tyres have a 'wear marker' set at a depth of 1.5mm, the legal minimum depth of a tyre's tread. Tread depth above that mark are legal and safe, but if below 2mm the tyres may perform poorly in wet conditions.

In addition to checking the depth of your tyre's tread, you should look for cracks, holes or splits in each tyre. If any of these are noted, the tyre should be inspected by an authorised dealer right away and replacement should be considered.

While checking the tyres you are driving on, don't forget to check your spare. Your tyre pressure may have decreased and need to be refilled.

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