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Don't forget the battery... from Millard Tyre Centre, Hervey Bay

Millard Tyre Centre carries a wide range of batteries for all applications. Contact us for your battery needs!

Discover the confidence of driving with a new generation energy system from Exide and Millard Tyre Centre. From the world leader in stored energy technology comes a new generation of passenger car batteries, integrating advanced technologies, precise engineering and innovative design to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Don't wait until you break down to change your battery. Get your battery tested!

Battery Care

  • Keep batteries topped up
  • Check electrical connections
  • Avoid overcharging
  • Keep batteries clean and dry

To avoid shorting, metallic objects should not be placed on top of the battery.

Batteries contain hydrogen gas and air in a volatile mixture which is easily ignited. Keep flames or sparks away from the battery at all times.

Batteries also contain sulphuric acid. Never add acid to cells and keep acid away from eyes, skin, clothing or any other material which may become damaged. If contamination occurs, use large amounts of water to neutralise and flush acid away.

Batteries are also heavy, ensure correct lifting procedures are used when moving batteries.

Exide Extra battery

Exide Endurance battery

Exide Low Maintenance battery